Mrs Hooded Hairdryer Attachment

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  • ğŸŽ€ ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Equipped with an adjustable drawstring and a chin strap to fit different ages and sizes or to use with hair accessories like rollers, clips, flexi-rods or curl-formers.
  • ğŸŽ€ PREMIUM SOFT HAIR BONNET HOOD FOR NATURAL STYLING - Your best solution to that at home comfort. Spectacular for curly-hair heat styling settings with rollers, flexi-rods or curl-formers, deep conditioning, and hair oil treatments. Also, Eleganty comes with a flexible long and broad hose with an adjustable velcro strap. With this, you will have more freedom for multi-tasking and attach any standard hair-dryer.
  • ğŸŽ€ ADVANTAGES - Our "FREE" gift for you. Long heat sessions can irritate the skin around your hairline and the ears. Eleganty comes with a convenient accessory to make your purchase perfect, and for you to look Elegant. With every purchase of Eleganty soft bonnet hood, you will get a complimentary towel-texture heat protection headband that covers the neck, ears, and forehead to prevent heat and irritation issues. With all this, you can now enjoy longer hair treatment sessions.
  • ğŸŽ€ BE ELEGANT ANYWHERE YOU GO - Eleganty will arrive at your doorsteps in a soft pouch, ideal for storing and traveling. Take Eleganty anywhere you go.
  • ğŸŽ€ OUR PROMISE - Premium quality material with waterproof, high-quality thick sewing lines, easily hand washable, long lasting for many uses. 100% refund in 30 days - unconditionally and with no questions asked!

⭐️ Product description ⭐️

Professional hairstyles are difficult to get with a standard hair-dryer, specially curly-hair. Your best solution, in most cases, is to spend a fortune at a professional hair salon. With Eleganty soft hair hood bonnet get your curly-hair style at home comfort.

We developed a premium product for your hair. It can be used to get an Elegant hairstyle or to dry long hair with locs or extensions. Our technology turns your standard hair-dryer into a professional hair salons bonnet setting. All you have to do is attach your hair-dryer onto the hose, wear our soft hood bonnet around your head, turn on your hair-dryer and let the magic happen.

Our diffused heat air-flow technology uses the heat generated by your standard hair-dryer and distributes it through our internal ventilation holes to create the right amount of heat air-flow for the entire head of hair. This is convenient to speed up your hair styling time and prevent hair heat damage.

⭐️ Fan of roller sets and Flexi-rods ⭐️
Eleganty premium soft bonnet hood hair-dryer attachment, the perfect accessory to use with hair oil or conditioning treatments and hair curling accessories like rollers, clips, flexi-rods or curl-formers.

⭐️ Product Details:

✅ Premium Soft Bonnet hair-dryer attachment.
✅ Freedom of movement and multi-tasking.
✅ Attachable to any hair-dryer.
✅ Diffused heat air-flow technology.
✅ Adjustable Chin Strap and Drawstring.
✅ Affordable and Easy to assemble and store.
✅ Light, durable and Waterproof materials.
✅ Ideal for storing and traveling.
✅ Fit styling tools like rollers, flexi-rods, etc.

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